Neo Hosting is a company specializing in providing hosting services for online video games, discord bots hosting, voice servers, and more. With a passion for gaming and extensive experience in game hosting, we are dedicated to providing a flawless online gaming experience for our gaming community and other users.

Services Offered:
> Game Server Hosting: We offer hosting solutions for a variety of popular online games. From Minecraft and ARK: Survival Evolved to Counter-Strike and Garry's Mod, we have servers for all preferences.
> Hosting not just for games: We offer hosting solutions not just for games, but for: Discord bots, voice servers, webhosting and more.
> Top performance: We're committed to delivering top performance and stability for our servers. We use high-quality hardware and modern infrastructure to ensure a lag-free gaming experience.
> Dedicated technical support: Our technical support team is available 24/7 to help you with any problem or question related to your game server.
> Fast loading times && fast servers: Our servers use an internet connection with a speed more then 1Gbps.



Dive into the blocky realms of creativity and adventure with Neo Hosting's Minecraft category. Enjoy unparalleled server stability and lag-free gameplay as you craft, build, and explore in the ultimate sandbox experience.


Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of role-playing and multiplayer chaos with Neo Hosting's FiveM category. Elevate your gaming experience with high-performance servers, delivering seamless gameplay and endless possibilities for your Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer adventures.


Gear up for intense tactical warfare with Neo Hosting's Counter-Strike category. Experience superior server performance, low-latency gameplay, and seamless team coordination as you dive into the heart-pounding world of Counter-Strike.


Embark on a pixelated journey of exploration and creativity with Neo Hosting's Terraria category. Unleash the full potential of your adventures as you host your Terraria server with us, offering stability and high-performance to ensure an enchanting and lag-free experience for you and your fellow explorers.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Survive, thrive, and tame the untamed on Neo Hosting's ARK: Survival Evolved category. Forge your path in a prehistoric world with high-performance servers, ensuring a seamless and immersive multiplayer experience as you face the challenges of survival and dominance.

7 Days to Die

Survival takes a new form in Neo Hosting's 7 Days to Die category. Explore a post-apocalyptic wasteland with our high-performance servers, ensuring a seamless multiplayer experience as you build, scavenge, and face the relentless challenges of the zombie-infested world.

Team Fortress 2

Dive into the fast-paced world of Team Fortress 2 with Neo Hosting. Enjoy top-tier server performance, low-latency gameplay, and an unparalleled multiplayer experience as you engage in iconic battles and strategic teamwork in this beloved first-person shooter.


Forge your own path in the harsh world of Rust with Neo Hosting. Experience high-performance servers that deliver a seamless and intense multiplayer survival experience, as you build, raid, and conquer in a persistent and ever-evolving environment.


Commandeer the battlefield and engage in tactical warfare with Neo Hosting's ARMA 3 category. Experience unparalleled server performance, strategic depth, and realistic military simulations as you lead your unit to victory in this immersive and dynamic multiplayer experience

Garry's Mod

Hosting for Garry's Mod

Left 4 Dead 2

Hosting for Left 4 Dead 2

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa servers hosting

Conan Exiles

Hosting for Conan Exiles

Don't Starve Together

Hosting for Don't Starve Together


Hosting for Valheim


Hosting for Unturned

V Rising

Hosting for V Rising


Dive into the world of automation and resource management with Neo Hosting's Factorio category. Experience unrivaled server performance, low-latency gameplay, and collaborative efficiency as you build, automate, and conquer in this industrial sandbox adventure.

The Forest

Hosting for The Forest

Web Hosting

Unlock the power of seamless online presence with Neo Hosting's Web Hosting category. Experience blazing-fast speeds, secure data management, and reliable performance as you launch your website effortlessly into the digital realm.

Discord bots

Take your Discord server to the next level with Neo Hosting's Discord Bots Hosting category. Enjoy reliability and optimal performance as you effortlessly deploy and manage feature-rich bots, enhancing communication and engagement within your community.

Voice Servers

Elevate your communication to new heights with Neo Hosting's Voice Servers category. Whether you're coordinating strategies in gaming or fostering collaboration in your community, enjoy crystal-clear audio quality, reliability, and seamless connectivity on our advanced voice servers.

Free Servers

Discover the thrill of gaming without constraints with our Free Servers category at Neo Hosting. Dive into immersive multiplayer experiences, forge alliances, and embark on epic quests—all at no cost. Elevate your gaming adventure with top-notch performance and zero financial barriers on our Free Servers.


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